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The Process of buying a home at Fortney’s

  1. Visit our sales center and take a tour of our display homes. We have access to more than 60 floorplans and the flexibility to modify the floorplan to meet your individual needs. We will discuss with you your needs and wishes. We will help you find a location for your new home.
  2. We will help you secure financing for your new home. We have access to many sources of financing. There are two types of financing: home only (which we can do the paperwork right in our office) or land/home (when the cost of the land and the improvements to the land can be put into one loan.) Land/home financing is usually done at a bank. We have several lenders who can provide financing for your new home.
  3. Once financing is approved and a homesite is determined it will be necessary to get a building permit from the appropriate Dept. of Building Permits and Inspections. We will supply the needed information to secure your permit.
  4. The manufacturer as well as the Permit Office will require footers, skirting and tiedowns for your home. Fortney Homes can provide these services if you like. Other services that you may want us to do are plumbing and electrical hookup, central air conditioning installation, building of decks or steps.
  5. When the home is completely installed and has passed inspection the Permits Office will issue a certificate of occupancy. When Fortney Homes, Inc. is paid in full the keys will be passed to you and you can move in!
  6. This whole process can vary in time depending the complexity of the site work that must be done and on the weather but generally it will take between 30 and 60 days.

Possible pictures: posted building permit, footer holes, poured footer holes, home pulled over the footers, the crew putting the home together, blocking, tie downs, skirting installation,
decks, completed home.